Wood Rot Repair

Rotting windows Shelby Township, MI

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot is a type of fungal decay in timber, the decay comes in two categories, white rot and brown rot. Decay usually starts when spores from the rot come into contact with damp timber. The damp timber allows the spores to establish themselves and grow using the wood as a food source. Symptoms of an attack of wood rot range from cross cuboidal cracking to mycelium on the surface of the wood and these symptoms vary depending on the type of rot, the type of wood and the conditions that the wood is subjected to. Wood rot usually reduces the strength of timber and is often accompanied by a fungal growth called a sporaphore or fruiting body which is the heart of the attack and produces more spores which continue the life cycle of the fungus. The most feared fungi is true dry rot (serpula lacrymans) which tends to cause more widespread damage than wet rot fungi .

How does wood rot effect my home?

Wood rot shouldn't be taken lightly. It is very important to remove all rotten wood on your home. If rotten wood is left unattended on your home it will eventually cause water leaks, invite mold, termites, carpenter ants and other house destroying insects into your home.

How do I eliminate wood rot on my home?

Wood rot is like a cancer on your home. The only way to eliminate the rot is to remove all deteriorated wood and have it replaced. Call All Season Window Restoration to solve your wood rot problems in Rochester Hills, Shelby Township & Troy, MI.

Painting your home on a regular basis, every three to five years, is one way to prevent wood rot. However, in addition to painting, a wood rot prevention application offered by All Season Window Restoration is the ultimate way to prevent wood rot.